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ACCOUNT MEIN - A Competent Bridge Between the Company and its Channel Partners

With growing competition in the market, every brand/company is trying its best to hook customers to their products and build a loyal customer base. You walk into the store and there are 100s of products under one category to choose from. To be on the top of customers’ choices, every company has a large variety of distribution networks that operate in a symphony to deliver and market their products, ensuring that their brand stays in the eyes of the customers. 

The company introduces various loyalty programs and visibility programs for sub-distributors, retailers, and DSRs (distributor sales representatives) to encourage and reward them for their hard work. But unfortunately, the information and rewards many a time fail to reach the right employees or are delayed without intimation. This creates a sense of distrust towards the company and discourages the field employees. 

Cases of ghost parties are also common all around and used for siphoning off money, leading to higher costs to the company and no benefits to the hard-working employees.
Account Mein is the solution to all the problems. Wondering what Account Mein is? Let’s Explore

India’s Largest Direct Benefits Transfer Company in B2B Space  

Yes, you read it right. Account Mein is India’s Largest Direct Benefits Transfer Company with a payout value of INR 400+ crore and over 2 million annual transactions. Account Mein caters to 30+ clients, including some of the most prominent names in the market, namely FMCG, FMCD, FMEG, Pharma, and Alcobev. Account Mein is the bridge between your company and your channel partners for easy, transparent, and trustworthy transactions. 

Why is Account Mein Needed? 

Though Companies make an effort to reward and encourage their  Channel Partners, they often fail to reach the right ones. 

To avoid delays- Account Mein keeps track of and maintains the data of the Channel Partners and transactions. Account managers ensure timely disbursal of the money to the right partner maintaining consistency and transparency.

Trust Issues- Keeping transparency and accountability through Account Mein, brands tend to gain back the trust of their channel partners. Direct payment into the bank account of channel partners ensures that they are aware of their earnings which encourages them to earn better in the future.

Eliminating Ghost Parties- Our channel partner payout process involves a model of onboarding through KYC. This verification enables companies to weed out any ghost parties that may exist.

Incorrect Payments- To maintain accuracy, the payments to channel partners are routed through a single entity i.e., Accountmein which ensures that the actual earnings of a channel partner are transferred without any error.

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